The Rose of Sharon soap
The Rose of Sharon soap

The Rose of Sharon soap

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The Rose of Sharon soap is for sensitive skin. It is mix of natural, biblical and modern ingradients soap, which smells as the biblical beloved. He says in the Song of Songs: “I am the Rose of Sharon, and the lily of the valleys”.

Those exotic rose aroma is the base of our natural Rose of Sharon soap. Feel the rose. Feel the paradise of Bible SPA!

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The Rose of Sharon soap smells like it says the Beloved in Song of Songs says: “I am the Rose of Sharon, and the lily of the valleys”. Those exotic rose aromas are the base of our natural BibleSPA soaps. Feel the paradise of BibleSPA!

The soap of heaven – feel the paradise

The Rose of Sharon soap contains one of the most romantic compositions of perfumes in the world: the Song of Songs. We were trying to recreate a natural soap in the cube with the fragrance of Rose of Sharon and patchouli. It wasn’t easy or simple to do but this intense fragrance mixed in our laboratory was successful! Moreover – this kind of scent is associated with the Holy Land because it is so strong and sweet. As well as love in the Bible this soap has a strong rose smell, which is so romantic and so intoxicating, that you can really FEEL it. So, if you are interested to try our product of true love and feel true paradise, the biblical heaven – you have to choose the soap of heaven, the Rose of Sharon soap!

The Rose of Sharon soap also for religious!

The smell of all, we even do not afraid to say, that of erotic love of Song of Songs! And still, this kind of scent is also for the religious! The book of Song of Songs is an inspired book! And this means that the love that is described in addition to the simple sense of human love, carnal, between the bride and the bridegroom also has its own metaphors! The bride is a religious person, male and female. The bridegroom is a symbol of Christe! And this smell of love, of heavenly love is also good for sisters and brothers, who are in love. In love with our Lord! They gave him their lives, they loved Him to death like He did. This kind of soap can remind them, for what kind of love they gave their lives in the world and followed the bridegroom! 


Description: original natural Rose of Sharon soap in the cube inspired by the Song of Songs fragrance
Ingredients: olea Europaea oil, Cocos nucifera oil, ricinus communis seed oil, nardostachys jatamansi, commiphora myrrth, rosa L.

Try also our Orient Soap. Besides of the Rose and Sharon it contains other ingredients of the Song of Songs.


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